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We have got dedicated production facilities for each of the products stream. With close coordination of inter and intra departments we have got the potential to develop the most complex products in engineering field. 

We can develop and manufacture products which need in depth expertise and close collaboration of metal & polymers. 


Our first production facility was set up for the production of rubber products.

Our rubber products facility is having most of the machines and equipment's to handle the production of most of the rubber's which include technical rubbers.  

Our compounds are processed in tangential intermix to ensure that tyre compound quality is imparted to all the compounds that we use in our production line. 

We have got advance hydraulic press of various tonnage to handle small components to heavy rubber products. 


Our facility to manufacture engineering products  with a total build up area of 20000 Sq Feet.

We have got numerous CNC Turning Center,Turn Mill,Vertical Milling Center Etc.. We have got most of the ancillary machines in house which are used in handling machined components.  Our tool room has got a vast collection of tool, jigs and fixtures for handling simple to complex machined components. 

Specific metal required specific tools and we have got them all. 

Our quality control has got advanced testing tools and equipment's to ensure that each and every piece leaving our factory has got our mark of quality to ensure our customers get the best quality products every time. 


We use modern injection molding machines to produce plastic parts of varied size and shape. 

We produce plastic parts from LDPE/HDPE/ABS/Nylon/Delrin/PTFE Etc. 

With our own machine shop we have got the flexibility to produce simple to complex injection molds. 


Our Poly Urethane manufacturing set up include casting and injection molding. Cast PU product like valve balls, rollers and bushes. Injection molded products like PU seals. We also produce low density poly urethane products like floats which need precision timing production facility to get proper and consistent products. Curing system and post cure setup is most modern which enable us to give quality consistent products. 

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