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We are a customer and product specific development company .

With a dedicated design and development team we are capable of developing varied requirements of customers .

Our expertise ranges from development of products based on various Metals , Elastomers and Polymers.

We serve to multitude of industries where all engineering products are a requisite. Based on customer requirement we develop and design complete or partial productions and solutions.

Special purpose pumps, rollers, thrust bearings, heavy duty pumps parts, connector parts, special purpose systems used to facilitate process or practices etc.. to name a few . Our products are developed for various industries where ever engineering solutions are required.

With the best in industry quality policy we make sure that our customers get utmost satisfaction for the products we supply.

Standalone engineering products or on combination of two or all the three departments.


Elastomer products based on natural and most of the technical rubbers or products with combination of rubber and metals.


Metal products based on various base metals, alloys, casting, aluminum, bronze and various grades related to these metals.


Polymer products based on most of engineering plastics as well as common grade plastics.


We have got the expertise to design and develop soft to hard polyurethane products . We have got pol

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